About Us

Monjae Collective is a platform that supports African diaspora social entrepreneurs rebuilding, rebranding and propelling Africa to a self-actualized future by telling their stories and rewriting prevailing false narratives about the continent and its people across the diaspora.

Meaning because of you, Monjae is derived from the Liberian Bassa language, and was founded to serve Africa and its people (you). ​




Annette McGee Johnson, JD


Monjae Collective is a culmination of ideas stewing over at least the past decade. The storytelling piece began to take shape in 2017 evolving into recorded conversations in 2018. Through these conversations, I realized that social entrepreneurship is a vehicle to a much larger conversation, a subtext of a broader story and history.  As is often done, we must avoid the tendency to tell Africa’s story in the middle, or from the beginning of forced subjugation. ​

As a changemaker lawyer engaged in the international development social impact space, I am interested in systems change in Africa rooted in growth and development of the whole person. 


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