The Monjae Podcast

“Until the lions have historians, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”  Chinua Achebe

Conversations featuring changemakers, influencers & social entrepreneurs rebuilding and rebranding Africa


The Monjae Podcast


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Our podcast and blog series are inspired by the Chinua Achebe quote: “Until the lions have historians, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”  Our ongoing conversation is rooted in a rich and untold story; to address injustices to physical bodies, psyches, and lands of the people of the diaspora; and with agency and anticipation, the story of our rise to our proper inheritance.

In reclaiming the narrative of a self-actualized Africa, the storyteller matters as much as the story. The goal of this initiative is to:​

  • Champion and amplify the changemakers building and branding Africa;

  • Inspire the people of Africa and the diaspora to changemaking for Africa; and ultimately,

  • Build community and resources around this all-important work.

In addition to fostering conversation and networks, the call to action is grounded in strong conviction that change requires:

  • A Spiritual Foundation - no matter our religious inclinations, this is a call to our collective conscience and purpose, rooted in love for self and each other and humanity with active hope as our anchor;

  • Critical Mass - not necessarily in numbers but in resources and strategic cohesion; and

  • Personal Responsibility and Healing - ours is a history tied to deep trauma, loss and exploitation.  Restoration require accountability and begins with self.  Personal commitment to healing and growth orbits to the collective. Despite best intentions, we would inadvertently harm, where our own wounds remain unaddressed.  

Our theme music features the Talking Drum, used traditionally to communicate across miles, calling us to collective purpose.  Your voice matters in this dialogue, in the spirit of the African tradition of call and response.


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