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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Welcome to The Lion Historian!

We feature stories of the changemakers building and branding a self-actualized Africa.  We think that the storyteller matters as much as the story.  The goal of this initiative is to:

  • Feature stories of the changemakers building and branding Africa;

  • Encourage and Sing the work of these changemakers; 

  • Inspire Africans and African diasporans to changemaking in and/or for Africa; and ultimately,

  • Build community and resources around this all-important work.

The great Nigerian writer, Chinua Achebe famously writes: Until the Lions have historians, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.  It is all too clear that African historians have not featured prominent on the global stage.  The effect is narrative that misrepresents us to ourselves and to the world.  The work of (re)branding and building Africa is not only an inside job, but one that requires collective effort through the concepts of Ubuntu (I am because we are) and Kukatonon (we are one).  It all begins with how we see ourselves.  In ancient times, the Storytellers (griots) were the keepers of our history and culture.  In the spirit of that tradition, I remind us of who we ARE through the principle of Sankofa (wisdom from the past to inform the future).  Only by honoring our roots, while at the same time taking flight, thus embracing past, present and future, will we build the Africa that's possible. Our theme music, heard in our podcast intro and outro, features the Talking Drum, that unique instrument, used traditionally to communicate across miles, calling us to collective purpose.  You are fully welcome as this is a conversation.  So in the Liberian tradition of call and response, I say "Yor yor," and you say, "Yor!"

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